Own Your Own Insurance Company

to help mitigate heath insurance costs

For business owners considering implementing a self-funded plan or already
operating one, Strategic Risk Alternatives (SRA) offers strategies to maximize
the benefits and minimize the risks. Self-Funded Plan was
developed by SRA to assist employers in mitigating the risks of heavy claims
years and to stabilize their year-to-year premium rates. SRA achieves this in
large part by empowering the employer to build a tax advantaged reserve within a Medical Allied Reinsurance Company (MARC); a small insurance company tailored to health claims reimbursement.
Strategic Risk Alternatives (SRA) offers strategies to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of Self-Funded Plans.

What is a MARC?

Our firm is of the opinion that owning a small insurance company will soon be a normal business practice. Strategic Risk Alternatives is an insurance administrator and its primary role is to ensure that its clients’ MARC’s operate in accordance with federal and state guidelines. In addition to ensuring compliance, SRA provides administrative services to the MARC that include incorporation, claims processing, annual corporate filing, and other related services.

Over time, the Self-Funded Plan allows the employer to build a tax advantaged reserve that can grow to be substantial over time. Having the reserve inside the MARC allows the employer to meet the premium increases resulting from a heavy claims year and with tax advantaged dollars.

Businesses can now mitigate healthcare increases by building up tax-advantaged reserves for potential high claim years.

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